FIRST Green e-Watt Saver Bulb

Nova-Labs Robotics announces the FIRST Green e-watt saver LED light bulb fundraiser.

Nova-Labs Robotics is now selling the FIRST LED bulbs: an 800 lumen bulb to directly replace a 60w incandescent bulb and a 450 lumen version to replace a 40w incandescent bulb. Both bulbs offer these features:

  • Dimmable to 5% light output.
  • Omni-directional.
  • Warm White 2700K color temperature
  • 25,000-hour life equal to 22.8 years when used three hours per day
  • 5-year warranty period
  • North American Product:  designed and tested in Florida, manufactured in Mexico.

e-watt saver bulbs are competitively priced and include all sales taxes. FIRST teams raise funds by earning profit on each e-watt saver sold. The e-watt saver is UL-listed in the U.S. and Canada. e-watt saver is also approved by the FCC. The 2nd generation FIRST Green e-watt saver LED light bulbs are designed by Lighting Science Group based in Florida.

Energy cost is only $1.02 per year for the 40w replacement and $1.63 per year for the 60w replacement when used 3 hours per day, with an expected life of 22.8 years. Lighting Science will provide a limited warranty for five years. Click here for information about obtaining a warranty replacement.

FIRST Green e-watt saver bulbs are now available through your local Nova-Labs Robotics teams. For information on how to purchase an e-watt saver bulb please email:



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