Innovation Process

Innovation is the “process of making improvements by introducing something new.” Some innovations have solved problems. Others have made life better for people. Some have even changed the world! An innovation often starts with an idea, or a question, or someone just saying, “What If …?” Those who innovate often take different paths to reach their end product, but many follow similar steps. Below are 10 steps commonly followed during the Innovation Process.

  1. Identify the challenge, problem or opportunity.
  2. Conduct research to learn as much as you can about the topic, problem, alternatives what’s already been done, etc.
  3. Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm! Consider as many options as you can!
  4. Design a solution based on all you’ve learned.
  5. Create a plan for your solution. Think about how your solution would work and everything you would need, including materials, information, time and resources.
  6. Create a model, sketch, or prototype of your solution.
  7. Test your idea.
  8. Evaluate and make changes based on your evaluation. (Steps 4-8 may need to be repeated)
  9. Build your innovation!
  10. Make sure your innovation has a name. Share it with others!


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