MoonBots 2012

Last week, the X PRIZE Foundation and the LEGO Group announced the third annual MoonBots contest.

MoonBots 2012: A Google Lunar X PRIZE LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Challenge

This year’s competition is one of a kind. New and Returning Teams will not be disappointed. The video topics are different, the game and challenge course are different AND they have changed the time line to fit the needs of students from all over the world including our FLL teams.   Herndon Robotics will be participating in the fun as part of the kick-off to their 2012 season.  Registration and Phase One takes place from May 15 to July 15, 2012.   To participate in Phase One of the Challenge, we need to :

  1. Register our Teams (teams can have up to 5 members).  All registration materials for the Challenge are online at
    • Provide Team biographies
    • Provide Team photographs
    • Provide Team logos
    • Complete parental/guardian consent forms for each team member
  2. Answer two questions (a creative question, and an outreach question)
    • If your team could create a lunar landscape for a LEGO MINDSTORMS to rove and complete a challenge, what would the lunar landscape look like? (This can include items like LEGO bricks, sustainable materials and/or items like real sand and rocks.)
    • If your team was selected to make it into Phase Two, where do you think you would complete a live demonstration of your lunar landscape challenge course and why?
  3. Develop an educational VIDEO about the team’s interest in space exploration by answering one of the questions:
    • When you go to the Moon, what would you leave on the Moon and why?
    • What do you think Google Lunar X PRIZE teams will be able to show and tell us when they visit the heritage artifacts on the moon?
    • Why is the Google Lunar X PRIZE important to the future of the Moon?
    • What do you think should happen to the heritage artifacts already left on the Moon?


From August 1st – September 15th, 30 Teams will be selected to compete. Teams will be asked to do three things.

  1. Design and build an original, one of a kind lunar landscape.
  2. Design a game for the LEGO MINDSTORMS to rove their lunar landscape.
  3. Build and program their LEGO MINDSTORMS robot.


From September 15th – November 15th, each of the 30 Teams will select a date to compete. Teams will be asked to do one thing.

  1. Share their lunar landscape design, game and robot with their community.  This will be broadcasted live for the public to see.


The MoonBots competition has PERFECT TIMING to allow our teams to kick-off the FIRST season and share our MoonBots Robotics experiences with others.  It also looks good for Core Values (FLL), Inspiration Awards (FTC), and Chairman’s Award (FRC). Let’s go for it!

There’s also a new promotional video on YouTube.


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