Tournament Volunteers

Nova Labs is volunteering with the Virginia / DC FIRST LEGO League at the

Reston Regional Tournament

Virginia / DC FIRST LEGO League

Science and technology leaders are made, not born. The VA-DC FLL mission is to inspire young people at a time when relevant and engaging programs have the greatest impact on their future endeavors. We celebrate science and technology by seeking creative solutions through our core values of mentorship, teamwork, friendly competition, shared discovery, Gracious Professionalism®, Coopertition® and having fun!

Volunteer Opportunities

There is a position for everyone! We need:

Referees: Referees are the ultimate decision makers when it comes to the robot performance competition rounds.  They also keep the competition going by moving teams through the rounds with ease, smiles and an understanding that this is a tough competition for the children.  Consistency is critical.

Judges: Judges will be assigned to evaluate and score teams one of the other team events: research, teamwork, or robot design/programming.  Judges will receive the following from FLL:  training and criteria of how to judge the various awards, schedules for the day, and a training packet prior to training.  Judge positions are often staffed by local corporate, educational, civic or scientific organizations.

Scorekeeper:  The referee or score runners bring the scores to the scorekeeper who records them in a computerized score spreadsheet and then posts them for the audience.

Timekeeper: This volunteer is indispensable in making sure teams know when to start and end.  Teams also need to know how much time is left so they can determine which of their programs to use.

Queue Manager: The queue managers help teams line up, or queue, prior to entering the robot competition area.  Team queuing is key to keeping the event on schedule.

Pit manager/runners: Manages the pit and announcements made in the pit area.  Ensures teams move from the pit area to the queue area prior to their competition rounds.

Practice field supervisor: Ensures teams rotate through the practice table in a graciously professional way.

Competition Field Resetters: These volunteers reset the tables after each round has been scored.  They may also double as runners to take the completed score sheets to the scorekeeper.

General support:  If additional volunteers are available, guides, traffic controllers, judging assistance are optional positions that add a lot to the tournament.

Family Opportunities

There are volunteer opportunities for kids of all ages.

For younger kids, under 14, opportunities include:

• runners

• helping the judges; and

• helping the referees


For robot design judging, some experience with robots or programming is usually helpful.  If anyone wants to ref, they have to have a very good understanding of how the competition table works and the game updates.

For project and core values judging, anyone with patience is great.


The hours for the volunteers are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. For referees or judges, they are asked to be there for the entire day.  This is required because all of the teams need to be judged consistently throughout the day, and that’s hard to do with different judges.

There is a volunteer training session planned the night before the tournament at Nova Labs.

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