Maker Workshops

Maker Workshops

Summer 2015

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Robot Makers: Rumble with Bots, Rising Grades 6 – 8
Instructor: Allain, Haneline
August 17 – 21
9 AM – 4 PM

It’s a rumble! Build and code a bot to solve increasingly complex challenges.  Bring your strategy to life with servos, sensors and LEGO Mindstorms EV3.   On the last day, family and friends are invited to watch your bot hang tough inside a friendly competition ring.  Ready to take on a challenge?  Sign up for Robot Makers: Rumble with Bots.

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Discovery Studio: Girlfriends Build Awesome Stuff, Rising Grades 1 – 3squishy-circuits
Instructors: Haneline, Raskovich, DeHart, Peterson
June 29 – July 2
9 AM – Noon

Girl inventors wanted!

Goldie needs help! She has a circuit problem that needs your Girl Inventor skills. Come to the Discovery Summer Session and show off your stuff!

As a thank you for helping, Goldie will share her jewelry lab! Use her space to create your own unique piece of jewelry and store it in a custom made box.

coke2See where our imagination takes us as we engineer recyclables into treasures with MakerStudio.   Take home your own creation with MakerStudio kits generously donated by ThinkFun to Nova Labs Robotics.

Before you leave you will get to participate in a light show!

Does that sound exciting?  Sign up for Girlfriends Build Awesome Stuff.

Discovery Studio: Girl’s Summer Adventure, Rising Grades 4 – 6

Instructors: DeHart, Haneline, Raskovich, , Peterson

June 29 – July 2
1 PM – 4 PM

Are you bored this summer? Hang out with a friend at the Girls Summer STEM maker workshp! What are we going do? Check THIS makerstudioout: We are going to start by adding twinkle to your summer fashion statement by making jewelry that lights up; then we’re going to SNAP! Some circuits together; we are going to do our part to save the earth by using recycled water bottle caps to create beautiful molded jewelry and then, we are going to surprise a friend with a gift box to remember.    See where our imagination takes us as we engineer recyclables into treasures with MakerStudio.   Take home your ojewelrywn creation with MakerStudio kits  generously donated by ThinkFun to Nova Labs Robotics.   Sound like fun? Sign up for the Girl’s Summer Adventure.

Geared for Girl Makers: Tumbling Bots, Rising Grades 4-6Girls On Fire.psd
Instructor: Fields, Haneline
June 22 – 26
1 PM – 4 PM

mentoringRing around the Rosie — Bots tumble in the circle! Teach your bot to hold its own! Send another bot on its way! Make a new friend and build out your ideas. Wonder what happens when creative bots meet inside a circle? Results may surprise you! Sign up for Tumbling Girl Bots and join other girl makers having fun with LEGO Mindstorms EV3.  On the last day, family and friends are invited to cheer the bots as they tumble in the ring.


Build Your Own Bot, Rising Grades 6 – 8
Instructors: Raj, Welsh, Winkler
July 20- 24
9 AM – Noon

Closed.  Currently accepting Waitlist only.

Build your own bot and take it home.  Sound super cool? it is! Learn how to program an Arduino – a simple, easy to program microcontroller board. Learn the basics, then let your imagination take you where ever it leads once you take your bot home.  Sign up for Build Your Own Bot.

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